What Parents and Students say about Zawiyah

“I really enjoyed it [Kew Gardens], especially the lovely victorian palm house and the vast amount of open space where we were able to interact and play with our friends.”


It was a fun, family outing filled with picturesque scenery and views. It was nice to relax after being in lockdown for months due to Covid-19 and have the opportunity to explore at your own pace before regrouping for an all-expense paid lunch.”


“I have been finding these lessons really helpful and informative as we discuss both mental health and practical ways to cope with any issues we may be experiencing. I also found it useful to get an Islamic perspective on mental health.”

“My children have enjoyed these mental health lessons as it has allowed them to gain a further understanding about mental health and helped them to explore their own thoughts and emotions. The lessons are fun and interactive.”

“The Mental Health Classes were brilliant! Much needed and necessary given the current climate of COVID-19. The sessions were helpful, informative, interactive and pitched at a good level for all children. Great facilitator, really made all children feel welcome! A lot of Knowledge taken away.

My children have definitely come away thinking more about their own mental health and others.”


“Zawaiyah is a brilliant organisation that has really had a huge impact on both my children. The mental health classes have been so positive and they really engaged with the lessons.

My daughter had an issue at school for quite a while and had not disclosed it to myself. However, she had felt comfortable talking to her teacher who guided her how to handle the situation. She followed their advice and now happily goes to school. I felt this was a huge change that I myself could not do yet was comfortable to know my children are able to talk with any issues they may have with the teachers at Zawaiyah,

As I know the advice they will give my children is better than anyone can give including myself. They have learnt the ways of deen through fun learning and discussions which has helped them boost their confidence.

Highly recommended organisation for all children.”


“Zawiyah is a wonderful organisation with compassionate teachers and volunteers that helps children learn, reflect, build up their social skills as well make them confident in life.

My two children (aged 9 and 11) had the opportunity to take online classes with this amazing organisation as they were already enrolled on zawiyahs Islamic courses.

These extra mental health classes came on at a wonderful time when many of us were restricted in our own homes due to the pandemic. Both my children engaged with the teachers who are all qualified in mental health. I could really see the positive impact the classes had for my children.

Each of my children was grateful for having a safe space to be able to explore in and they felt hopeful for the future, as my eldest is moving into secondary school. Not only are my children learning about their deen but also how to deal with social challenges at home and school. Many issues such anti bullying, anxieties, behavioural issues, bereavement, neglect and so much more can be explored in these classes with the children.

I’m grateful for the work zawiyah has done through these extra classes and I hope they continue with the good work they are doing. I highly recommend zawiyah to everyone and personally I’m grateful to have my children enrolled with them.”


“My sons Yahya and Mustafa found it interesting and enjoyed the classes. Since then they have started to spend more time outdoors and have been more active. We have been out and about on bike rides. Mustafa has also learned about balanced diet but hasn’t adopted the diet yet. Thank you for all your efforts.”


“My daughters has been attending Zawiyah ever since the school opened. Recently my ten year old daughter received high praise from her Primary school’s head teacher for her knowledge and understanding of Islam which she said was far more in-depth and comprehensive compared to other Muslim students in her class. In fact she pointed out an error in the RE curriculum which her teacher checked and found that it was indeed the case.”


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