A curriculum which extends beyond Islamic education that provides students with a solid foundation in authentic and traditional Islamic principles and skills which assist students in mainstream education.

Our Goals

We have a robust curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation in authentic and traditional Islamic principles and practice. We teach using a series of structured textbooks and corresponding workbooks which are age appropriate. The highly regarded Safar Publication syllabus has been carefully chosen as it is informative, creative and designed to facilitate children’s interest. The learning goals, language and images of each book are therefore appropriate to the student’s age and designed to maximise learning.

Our Standard

Our curriculum extends beyond Islamic education. Integrated within it, is the development of skills that will assist students with their mainstream education. These include confidence building, learning discipline, note taking and presentations. We also develop their life skills to support them with modern life. These include include mental health awareness, physical health education, social media use and awareness of the need to positively contribute to society.
Islamic Studies Essential teachings & practices of Islam, with emphasis on moderation and the ‘middle ground’
Seerah The life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ,  other Prophets (peace be upon them), Islamic personalities & their teachings
Adaab & Akhlaaq Manners and behaviour when dealing with parents, friends and the community at large
Aqeeda Basic tenets of faith
Fiqh Principles around prayer, fasting, wudu, hajj, etc
Further Islamic Studies Islamic Studies, Seerah, Fiqh, Memorisation of short surahs and duas
Social Skills Everyday life and social skills, contemporary religious issues, question and answer sessions
Learning Skills Presentations, Note taking, Confidence building
Life Skill Mental health awareness, physical health education, social media use, community & environmental awareness


We regularly monitor student’s progress and keep parents informed through parents’ mornings and regular feedback. Termly tests and annual exams will be held for each subject in June/July and a formal school report will be issued for each student highlighting positives and areas for improvement.

We are looking to develop a range of extracurricular activities to support student, their families and the wider community. Please subscribe to receive updates of future events and activities.

  • School Trips
  • Family fun days
  • Mentoring & Career guidance
  • Charitable activities
  • Sports activities
  • Assemblies around key Islamic dates
  • Presentation / Award ceromonies
Through the above Zawiyah’s goal is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop a deep-rooted love and relationship with Islam. Through learning, understanding and embodying the Quran and Sunnah, students will learn to fulfil their religious rites and duties in an informed manner. Through a focus on personal development they will grow to make moral choices and decisions as confident Muslims living in a globalised and modern world. They will also develop skills to assist with their mainstream education and life skills to allow them to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and play an active role as Muslims within their communities and wider society.
In addition, our experienced teaching team supports students to become comfortable and confident in their identity as British Muslims. Emphasis is placed on respect for individuals, the environment and the wider community.

It is important to highlight that parents have a very important role to play to reinforce the learnings at home through leading by example and providing additional coaching using the books provided.

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