Why Zawiyah

Why send your children to Zawiyah?

Zawiyah has been established by a professional and highly experienced team to provide a service to the community

We provide authentic teachings which will enhance your child´s understanding of Islam in harmony with living in the modern world

Students will grow in their love for Islam and feel proud to be Muslim

The founders and teaching team are all motivated to make the learning fun, enjoyable and progressive

Lessons are taught using the established and highly regarded Safar syllabus supplemented by open questions and answer sessions

Progress is monitored through regular formal and informal assessments and reports

Parents are actively encouraged to become involved by attending the school regularly, participating in events and having open discussion with the Zawiyah team

Term dates align with those of local schools and therefore do not interfere with holidays

Classes are complimented by assemblies, days out and extra-curricular activities. These will motivate the children, foster friendships and create a sense of community.

Zawiyah is a not for profit organisation and fees are kept to a minimum