Willowbrook Farm 2020


  • Willowbrook Farm, Hampton Gay, Kidlington, OX5 2QQ
  • The farm was opened exclusively for Zawiyah


  • Exploring the natural world and enjoying the outdoors
  • Woodland adventure play area
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Working with wool – demonstration / hands on experience
  • Animal petting
  • Harvesting / fruit picking
  • Working with Cob (earthen building)
  • Promoting care for the environment

Zawiyah Organisation:

  • 69 members of 15 families attended: 32 adults and 37 children
  • Organised by Zawiyah / No cost to parents


  • Fun and educational where children and adults learnt about traditional farming
  • Team-building, cohesion, motivation, strong ‘family’ feeling

Woodland Adventure Harrow 2020

Woodlands Adventure Forest School:

  • Focusses on team building, team work and collaboration
  • Exploring the natural world and enjoying the outdoors
  • Learning new skills
  • Gaining confidence and resilience
  • Facing challenges and taking risks
  • Promoting care for the environment



  • Located on the grounds of All Saints’ Church- 90 Uxbridge Road, Stanmore, Harrow, HA3 6DQ
  • In a small forest behind the Church with pathways and open spaces


Date and time:

  • Several morning and afternoon sessions spanning across two weeks from July to August 2020



  • Made friendship bracelets
  • Learnt how to safely light firesusing fire steels and how to extinguish them properly to avoid forest fires
  • Den building using surrounding trees, branches and leaves
  • Arts and crafts, for example, leaf printing
  • Camp fire games


Zawiyah Organisation:

  • Bubbles of five studentsper session
  • One to two members of Zawiyah staff supervising
  • Two Woodlands Adventure instructors leading the activities
  • Six trips across two weeks to ensure as many students as possible could participate



  • Organised by Zawiyah
  • No costs for parents


Children’s feedback:

  • The children really enjoyed it, especially the fire lighting activity and the games.


Parents feedback:

  • It was a fun trip filled with different activities and they liked how it was split into small groups to be adhere to the social distancing regulations.Also, it was nice to get out and get some fresh air after being in lockdown for several months due to Covid-19.

London Boat Trip 2019