The aims of Zawiyah are to:

Provide students with a broad traditional Islamic education including Quranic teaching of the highest quality.

Equip students with learning skills to support their mainstream education. These include confidence building, learning discipline, note taking and presentations.

Equip students with life skills to support them with modern life. These include mental health awareness, physical health education, social media use and awareness of the need to positively contribute to society.

Deliver teaching in accordance with an authentic and structured syllabus; teachers are experienced, knowledgeable and DBS checked.

Provide regular feedback to allow students to measure their progress and achieve their potential.

Instil the principles of Adaab (respect) and Akhlaq (Etiquette) within all students

Create a fun and supportive environment where students are motivated to increase their understanding of Islam

Instil the principles of Adaab (respect) and Akhlaq (Etiquette) within all students.

Ensure that classes are affordable and accessible for the whole community.

Provide students with mentors and role models to assist them with their broader education and career goals.

Create a sense of community and shared values amongst students and the families of students

Instil & uphold British values